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PUBG Xbox Update: Great news, Microsoft may have fixed Battleground's biggest game problemMICROSOFT

PUBG Xbox Update: Great news, Microsoft may have fixed Battleground’s biggest game problem

A new Microsoft announcement could fix one of PUBG’s biggest problems.

Recently, Microsoft announced that it was looking into mouse and keyboard support for its family of Xbox One consoles.

If that support came to PUBG on the Xbox One, it could resolve one of the biggest issues players are having with the game on the console.

Since its release on Xbox, players have been complaining that the control scheme for the game on pad is poorly optimised: inventory management is the biggest issue here, since it’s a large part of the game and it’s hard to perform via game pad.

The implementation of mouse and keyboard support would see the control scheme falling more in line with how the developer expected the game to be played when it was made – it was originally a PC game, after all.

This could cause some disparity between players, however.

It’s a well-known fact that mouse and keyboard inputs are more precise and allow for quicker reactions than pad-based play, and if you’re allowing players to use both, you could see some having an upper hand. 

That is to say: by adding a new input method, you may be taking away the level playing field that’s integral to fair multiplayer gaming.

Whether Microsoft will allow mouse/keyboard players to play with pad players remains to be seen – but this will be good news for many PUBG players around the world.

Microsoft shares a pool of console players with PC veterans – thanks to its crossover game sharing feature, Xbox Play Anywhere – and as such, the fanbase has long requested mouse and keyboard support for the console.

Thanks to a post that was seemingly published early by Microsoft Poland, it looks like the feature is in the works.

The company’s Polish arm sent out a statement that suggests we could see the alternative control solution added to the Xbox One relatively soon.

“Some players prefer to conquer the virtual world with a pad in hand,” reads a translated post hosted over at Windows Latest.

“Others, above all, value the precision of the mouse movements. Others, however, can not imagine playing on anything other than a keyboard.

“Now, owners of Xbox One consoles (including Xbox One S models and the latest Xbox One X) can choose these accessories and decide for themselves what they will use.”

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